Rust Proofing

Living in a all seasons state rust is a very common problem and we're here to help!

Our special product that we use for rust proofing is known as Seal Out Backcoating. We have a special air tool with a canister that holds the product and when using the air pressure pushes even amounts of Seal Out through a hose that is aimed at a specific location. After every vehicle repair we also use Seal Out to rust proof our work.


Some other forms of rust proofing mainly used on trucks are Undercoating and Chip Gaurd. Undercoating a vehicles comes with 2 different options depending upond how much you would want to spend. The regular form is a thick black spray that adheaves to anything that is it sprayed onto. A more advanced form is a wax based coating that when obstructed as soon as the product is introducted to hot weather it will recover it's area. Chip Gaurd is a process of eliminating any rust and sanding the current paint to create a adhesive surface for SKS Chip Gaurd. SKS Chip Gaurd is a spray on paint like coating that has a high sttrength surface resistent to rocks that could be picked up and thrown by a tire.